World’s Best Beaches

Ever wondered what it feels like to sit on a patio of restaurant which is just by the rugged cliffs and rocks next to the ocean sipping cool mock tails? I am sure it’s breathing easy.

So what exactly is beach life all about? Well life at beach is like living at odds. One doesn’t plan life by the time its planned by moods. Its mesmerising to live by the tides, indulge in sun glaring to sand walking. Relaxing and going easy on a flip-flop state of mind. Beach definitely fixes up everything in life. So be it a bikini kinda life you are craving for or the golden colour on your body; Life is always awesome at the beach.

For my affinity to beaches, I have put together worlds most admired and sought after beaches for that amazing beach life that you are looking for. What do you think about them, don’t forget to share. Send us your experiences, opinions wish lists for it surely helps me give you more.

1. Dreamland Beach, Bukit, Peninsula

Dreamland Beach is a fascinating beach with white sands, steep white stone cliffs looking over the majestic Indian Ocean. Popularly known for sunsets, surfing and romantic beachy affairs. It was a hidden cave located in Bukit Peninsula when it was discovered by some tourists in 1970. The great shore breaks that can be found in Dreamland Beach have made it an ideal destination for the surfers. During the past four decades, a large number of resorts have popped up in the neighborhood as well. In addition, you will be able to find plenty of shack cafes, which are popular for fresh smoothies, wraps and juices. This beach has become popular among adventure seekers.

Dreamland Beach, Bukit, Peninsula
Source: Unknown

2. Seven Mile Beach, Negril, Cayman Islands

This is a 5.5 mile long beach, is an epitome of Caribbean life and travel. Voted one of the best beaches in the world for its dramatic sunsets, velvety white sands, sea green waters and an amazing vibe. It’s one of the Caribbean’s great reefs with no fears of high tides that makes it just perfect to enjoy a beach affair. Travellers are hooked with the diverse activities one can indulge there in clean waters and coral sand. One can engage with Jet Skies and play a volleyball match with the friendly neighbours .Plenty of ocean restaurants can also be seen in the area. Therefore, you can think about grabbing your lunch from one of the ocean side restaurants, which offer delicious dishes. Finding a spot under trees for picnic is quite in flavor with locals and travellers.

Seven Mile Beach, Negril, Cayman Islands

3. Honokalani Beach, USA

Honokalani Beach is popular among people in all parts of the world because of its jet black shore, jungle like foliage and lapis lazuli waters. Spread over 122 acre Waianapanapa State Park it offers family campgrounds with countryside living, restrooms and outdoor showers. Easily accessible from town of Hana that offers better civic facilities if you don’t prefer countryside living.

This beach is extremely popular among photographers because they are provided with the ability to capture unique scenes that cannot be experienced from anywhere else.

Moreover, this beach is a paradise for romance. As a traveler, you would love to lie lazily on the sand, which is made out of small lava pebbles. You can also find lava cliffs and lava tubes along the shore of this beach as well. One can indulge in rock climbing and swimming for clam waters in summers. This is one of the unspoiled beaches that you can find in Hawaii. It can easily be accessed from mainland Hawaii as well.

Honokalani Beach, USA
Source: Unknown

4. Playa Paraiso, Cuba

This beach is indeed a paradise beach, voted as third most beautiful beach in the world. Just 5 kms from the hotel area at the west end of Cayo Largo. The sea is very calm and serene  by this virgin beach. There are beach umbrellas, lounge chairs, snacks bars and shaded terraces. One can spot nature lovers and honeymooners at the beach as it offers untouched beauty and some spots are secluded away from snack bars. No water sports is offered here. For same one needs to avail services from Playa Sirena about 20 minutes’ walk west.

Playa Paraiso, Cuba

5. Palm eagle Beach, Aruba

Palm Beach is only a 20 mile strip hence can be explored on a bike. Developed since 1000 years. The island is rich in culture & history. Eagle Palm Beach is an unspoiled Caribbean beach with white sands and turquoise waters. It’s quite popular with water sports enthusiastic.

You would love to enjoy barefoot lunch during the day time and then visit one of the nearby nightclubs, restaurants or casinos to enjoy the night life. People from all parts of the world visit Palm Beach as it offers a mix of both adventure and thrill. This beach is well known for serenity of nature.

Palm eagle Beach, Aruba
Source: Unknown

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