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Hello readers, I am back again with yet another interesting photo story on Dad Daughter trip to Krabi , Thailand.

I have few friends who are really scared of their dad’s and some of them hardly get to spend time with their parents. Mom say’s all parents love their kids but it’s because some Dads are strict and some are busy.

I think spending time with kids is important. Like in Disney’s Lilo & Stitch they say “Ohana” which means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

This story is all about how to make time for your family because the most important time is family time.

 And let me tell you “Why Dad’s make the best Travel buddy you will ever have”?

Little Gypsy with her Mom and Dad

Happiness is taking a Vacation. My mom and dad say that no time spent with me is enough….and I love that feeling. My parents have to travel often for their work so whenever, I have my school off we like to take mini trips. One such mom’s trip took us to #Krabi Island in #Thailand.

Little Gypsy Recommending Shuttle Bus in Thailand

You can take a private taxi or a shuttle bus from the airport to the place where you are staying. I prefer shuttle bus because you get to make new friends on board and dad says its value for money.

We headed to our resort near #Aonang beach. Post taking a short break, Mom headed to work, she was doing a foodie story. So it was going to be Dad and me with loads of fun.

Little Gypsy with her Best Travel Buddy her Dad at Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is an island south of Thailand facing the #Andaman Sea. Sounds Interesting isn’t it.  I was thrilled to experience my current syllabus. Krabi is an island known for its beautiful beaches, popular with yachtsmen, scuba-divers, snorkelers and day trippers from Phuket. Island is best visited during October-April.


Beautiful View of the Limestone Cliff Our room was quite luxurious with a #beautiful view of the #limestone cliff around the sea. Dad & I decided to relax and enjoy the resort since we were already tired from our long journey. The resort had a carpet of green nature with beautiful landscapes, popular long tail boat structure adding to the beauty of the resort. After a small resort survey that day we decided to take it easy and sleep early.

Junior Explorer Club Activities

My favourite spot was the #Junior Explorer Club offering activities from morning till evening. So while dad was in the Gym, I was happily getting my nail painting done and trying my hands on pottery. It was interesting to find mini temples at every nook and corner in Krabi. One was there in our resort too. Dad & I love watching sunsets; so our evenings were spent watching #sunsets and sipping hot chocolate on our private beach.

Tempted? So next time you are around Krabi. You must stay with
Krabi Resorts….A big thumbs up to this amazing property.

@krabi resort


Interesting Outdoor Activities

Next Day was meant for some #pool play action. There were other interesting outdoor activities like hitting the dart board, table tennis and a huge outdoor chess board. So we did a bit of everything and spent most time in the pool. I love water; Daddy says I am over the moon when I am in water…I think he means I go wild in water.

My Dad loves meeting new people and chatting with them be it anybody. So we made friends with the guard of the resort.  But there was something in my mind troubling me, mom says you must not talk to strangers and here my dad was making me friends with strangers so after a while I asked dad “If I was supposed to be friendly with Strangers or keep a safe distance”.

He said, “Your #Heart will tell you if the stranger is worth talking or being friendly with.” So chat but remember to follow your safety rules (instincts) too. They are not friends…not enemies just some strangers with fond memories for lifetime.

Yeah! He was right, must tell you the guard was very sweet and always greeted me with a big #smile whenever I met him.

Little Gypsy Family Walk TrendMom started a “Family Walk” trend in our lives. She says “Best time is family time” and we completely agree to the same. So even when she is away the trend is followed. Dad & I love our walks; we talk, we eat and we do all crazy things together. Mommy often calls us crazy muggles. So few evenings in Krabi were spent walking, exploring and indulging in Ice Cream sessions with daddy dear.

And he even got me my favourite “Hair beading” done. I adore him. He is the best daddy in the world. Must share a small secret, he doesn’t wait for mom’s salon sessions and she gets terribly upset about the same but he waited an hour for me.

Little Gypsy Recommending Alanta Travel & Tours at Krabi, Thailand

At last our holidays in Krabi were coming to an end. We just had 2 days left before we said goodbye to this beautiful island. Mom too had finished her work.  So Dad & I went exploring tour operators that carried out adventure tours. After almost speaking to 8-9 operators we finally settled down with

#Alanta Travel & Tours.

My big thumbs up to this operator. She was sweet, helpful and gave us all the information we needed. And her rates were good too.

Here’s what I did on my 7 island Tour at #PHI PHI.

Little Gypsy's 7 Island Tour at Krabi, Thailand7 Islands Tour is offered mostly on Speed Boats and 4 islands tour can be taken on #Long tail Boat or Speed Boat. When taking this tour don’t forget to wear your swimming costumes.

Must carry: Sun tan cream, Sun glasses/Hat, Camera, Towel and a swimming costume.

Snorkeling sets are available with these operators. You may carry your own for hygienic reasons.

Our first island was #Bamboo Island. Dad and I were waiting to hit the waters. Hey ! let me tell you something interesting water in Anadaman Sea was luke warm as good as water from home water heaters unlike my experience with Atlantic & Pacific oceans.  It felt so relaxing.

Dad & I were busy running all over white beaches while mom was busy taking pictures. The weather was pleasant but in few minutes the sky started turning grey and rain was expected any time. August is not the ideal month for Krabi. Soon we headed back to our boats for our onward journey.

Little Gypsy's Boat Journey at Krabi, Thailand

Our next stop was Viking Cave and Monkey Bay, the rain had already started and clouds were all so dark. Mom said, I slept in between, I guess the salt in the sea made me drowsy. When I got up mom was petrified and shaking. Storm had struck and our boat was riding high. Dad & I found it amusing, it was like roller coaster ride.

The boat guide- instructor told us we might have to miss Maya Bay as the storm was really strong that side. Dad said #MayaBay was one of the most beautiful one. Hollywood  film “The Beach” was shot there. And so was Bollywood flick “Baaghi” (new movie).  I was just hoping that we get to see it and got excited when our tour instructor decided to give it a try.  So all of us were told to hold tight…And this time even I got scared the boat was almost jumping. We reached Maya Bay finally all wet and yet glad that we were alive.

Mom was almost frozen, she just sat on the beach while dad and I were floating in waters. After rain was a bit calm we headed to Phi Phi Don Restaurant to eat.

And then progressed to Lohsamah Bay, this place is full of colourful fishes and coral reef. I enjoyed marine life to fullest, my animated films were all alive in front of me.

Post this we went to our last spot Pileh Bay; it’s a beautiful lagoon in Phi Phi. Though the ride was tricky and scary but once we were at spots it was okay. Mom was complaining though her pictures were drowsy…ha ha .

Finally we headed back to our start point and hotel. Once we got down from our boat, mom took a deep breath, she hugged me tight and said…there are something’s in life that you only learn in a storm”

Little Gypsy's Last Day in Krabi, ThailandIt was our last day in Krabi. We were heading to Bangkok, my dad had work there. And I wasn’t complaining for yet another city escapade with mom was awaiting.

Hope you like my spirit on family holidays. Don’t forget to leave a comment. Do like and share my stories with your loved ones. I am waiting to hear from you. It’s quick & simple, just leave a comment below the story.

Content & Draft By #littlegypsytraveller #Disha Rampal

Edited by Saloni Kilam Rampal

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  1. Very good keep it up Disha
    Explore the way of life of local children like their food habits their dress in different seasons their schooling their source of entertainment and sports
    Add interviews along with their pics
    It will make your blog more educative and interesting too
    God bless you
    Your nanu

  2. my darling Disha,

    well written with your own thoughts.
    as your Nannu says ,you must try to inreact with local chidren & talk to them about your country& city ,

    so that they would also talk to you about the places they live in .

    I wish both of us could have joined you ,as we love spending lot of time with you.

    what’s your next story ? I’m very curious to read your stories

    God Bless you !

    with lots of love

    Dadu & Dadi

  3. dearest Disha,
    you are so natural in writing. well done.

    love the pics ,of BAMBOO ISLAND, you must interact more with local children ,whereever you go ,

    & try to get more information about their school & studies ,& you can also share about your school.

    keep writing & God Bless you!


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