Hello everyone, I am sure last year has been overall great for all of us with some highs and some lows. Nevertheless, it’s time again to open your travel notebooks and start planning now for upcoming long weekends.  Well for me my travel tummy keeps growing in size and I am glad, I am not worried about the size.

So what are you waiting for do like what Merida does in movie Brave – “I will Ride, I will Fly, Chase the wind & touch the sky”. Thailand as a Destination gives you enough spots to actually live your dream –reelsize!

Thailand has become one of our favourite destinations because mom does a lot of work there and I get to explore a new island each time I visit Thailand.

And this time it’s all the more fun as the focus is on my Story “Best Kids friendly places in Chaam –Hua Hin”;Northern part of Thailand.

Our first destination was Chaam the coastal town found in north of Hua Hin. Thailand is an amazing place for kids, from beaches to indoor recreation to amusement parks and safaris. This place has it all.

Santorini Park, Chaam

Nothing less than Picturesque Greek Island of Santorini in Greece. The composition of the place is like whitewashed buildings, colourfully painted windows, white stone paved floors, windmills, to domed towers. There is something for all age groups, souvenir shops, restaurants and this big giant wheel that gives you goosebumps.

This place is a Selfie Haven, every spot in the park is just so picture perfect and of course excellent location for thematic birthday parties as well.

The Park is situated right on the highway though not close to the sea but Chaam is a seaside town. There are fountains, waterfalls and waterballs for whole family to enjoy.

The place also holds flea markets on special occasions, concerts and other activities.

Rides include 7D experience, Ferris wheel, Water tub & Ball, haunted house and some mouth-watering delicacies from Asia Cuisine.

Little Gypsy Disha recommends Santorini Park for those exceptional selfie spots with flavour of fun & food.

Take virtual stroll through the Park. Just click the vlog below.

Yet another interesting Location in between Chaam & Hua Hin is the “The Venezia”

                                                                                THE VENEZIA

Venezia Hua Hin is a recreational place inspired by the charisma of Venice, Italy.

Venice is popular for canals and gondola rides. At Venezia Hua Hin, one can spot replica of St. Mark Square & the Bell tower.

My most interesting activity was the 400 meter Grand Canal with gondola cruise.

There are plenty of activities one can enjoy in venezia namely

  • Europe Garden & Trevi Fountain
  • 3 D Art Gallery
  • Prince & Princess Photography
  • European Style Train
  • Pre Wedding Spots
  • Music Garden
  • House Back-Up Side Down
  • Venetain Style Photoshoot
  • Carriage Ride
  • Mini zoo

There are Restaurants, Café’s & Shopping Arenas to suit one’s preference.

My favourite activities were, Gondola Ride, 3D Art Gallery, Mini Zoo & Upside Down….actually more…okay forget it the whole place is awesome fun.

Why don’t you watch the Video below and decide?

Recommended for experiencing Italy Flavour. #Must Visit #thevenezia #chaam #huahin #thailand

I am sure after watching those two videos you would agree that Chaam Santorini Park looks like (Mini Greece) and The Venezia (slice of Venice).

Oh! what fun I had fooling my friends by showing them pics of Santorini & Venezia and telling them that I visited Greece & Venice.

Little Gypsy Disha @Swiss Sheep Farm , Chaam Hua Hin

My third pick from this small seaside town was “Swiss Sheep Farm” in Chaam. Well I, know by now you too will be wondering that it looks like a Mini Europe has been set up in this town. But who’s complaining?

Swiss Sheep Farm

Swiss Sheep Farm as the name suggests is a recreational farm set amidst of mountains, nature in open air space.

The farm shelters horses, Alpaca, Sheeps and Rabbits as its habitants making the whole space simply animal friendly nest. The space is well manicured and landscape reminds me of European styles.

                                            What can you expect at Swiss Sheep Farm?

  • Place is indeed excellent for taking pictures and preserving memories forever.
  • Spots to enjoy thrills of Spooky encounters.
  • 3 D Art Room- Enjoy the artistic marvels

  • The outdoor arena of the farm has plenty of drama with Tractor rides, garden full of hearts, Fruit façade & characters from to create magic in pictures.
  • Souvenir shop for memory giveaways.
  • One can enjoy feeding sheep’s and rabbits and also take a joyride on horses.

If the above interests you then how about watching this video to make sure that this too is added in your must visit list when in Chaam.

Do share your views and comments if you like my post on “Must Visit kids friendly places in Chaam –Hua Hin”.

 Content by Disha Rampal & Saloni Kilam Rampal

Photography: Disha Rampal

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