Hey there, A big hello to all of you.kid blogger

My name is Disha. I am 9 years old, cute, bubbly, cool explorer, who likes to discover new, exciting things while travelling and ask questions to get answers to my curiosity.

I am glued while watching DIY videos and plan to make few of my own soon. Watch out for them soon on this space!

I love clicking pictures of anything and everything that attracts or interests me. With no formal training, I just picked up the camera and started capturing all special things that I see.

Currently, I am hooked on to my Canon PowerShot SX500 IS. My mom says,I am quite good at it, my pictures have interesting perspectives. When I grow up, I would certainly like to learn more about photography. For now, I am happy capturing the world with my young, amateur mind.I don’t want to be perfect, I just want to be amazing.

I study in Grade 3 based in Mumbai, India. My parents are travel addicts, so eventually, I too have nomadic instincts.

But Mommy says “I have a gypsy soul”.  When I was in her womb, I use to give a lot of stress to doctors, my feet would just not stop, they said the baby is hyperactive.

I mean really? Probably, they didn’t understand how tough it is to stay motionless and in one place all this while.

No wonder, I am hyperactive and restless, curious to know and explore as much as I can.

I mean how boring it is to just stay at one place all your life. Isn’t it?

I want to see new & exciting places, make new friends, celebrate different cultures and of course, “Dress Up” in different styles- I just love doing that !

What’s most interesting and likeable about my little young escapades is buying local stuff  from different places and add them up in my new dressing styles. My dad calls me “Little Miss Shopaholic”.

You know how parents are… Ah! Just love calling their kids with different names and even titles…!

So when I told my mom that I had given enough surprise tests to qualify and come on board, she said I needed an identity of my own. While my parents were toiling with names, I had to put their efforts to rest finally give them “Who I am”. 

I am “The Little Gypsy Traveller”.

Disha Rampal

Feedbacks, comments and reactions are important to me. Please don’t forget to share it on my wall. It will help me learn more and get wiser.

Mommy says “I have a creative altitude & a marketing aptitude”. I hardly understand what she means by that. I just know I am as clever as Hermione Granger (from the ‘Harry Potter’ series) & twice as pretty.

I humbly invite you to come, read and explore my world, straight from my heart!

You can reach me at littlegypsy@gypsyescapade.com and all social media pages of our brand gypsyescapde.com

Just #thelittlegypsytraveller

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