I am witty
I get irritated easily
I overreact
I underestimate
I overthink
I am clumsy at times
I have big dreams
I love #action #suspense and #drama
I am a fashionista and the girl next door both
I am who I am
Wanderer & Wonderer

I am Disha Rampal
flawed & still worthy

Hola and welcome to the official website for Disha Rampal. I am a zillion traveler by day and space wanderer by night, a restless teenager with a passion for discovering and learning new languages, cultures, and countries while meeting and making new friends along the way.

My digital story began back at the age of 8 with a camera in hand, a blue gel pen, unicorn diary and an impulsive urge to share my experiences, stories. I bugged my mom so much with my weird content that finally I earned rightfully my space “The Little Gypsy Traveler” on my mom’s blog GYPSYESCAPADE.

Years later and nothing has changed…Except that I am a teen fighting my teenage dilemma. Though cleanliness is in my genes but my room is messy cos I am lazy. I spend my most time online which irritates my folks but like they say teens don’t care. I don’t but I do and that’s a tight spot to be in.

I go to bed late and wish could get up late. But that’s just not happening. Other than this I’ve traded in my pen for a laptop and unicorn diary for my exclusive online travel and lifestyle blog.

This website was created for those of you seeking an opportunity to escape the everyday mundane daily routine of life and venture into a world of endless adventures and fun. If this is you…then you have come to the right place.

Go Grab your hot chocolate mug and enjoy my commotion of daily drama and don’t forget to share your feedbacks, comments and reactions.

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