Art & Culture “Pure, Divine & Unadulterated”

The world is an enchanting space where cultures and traditions define the very existence of mankind. A travelers’ journey is most endearing and adventurous when art, culture and spirituality come together to form an experience which is truly fascinating. Mother Earth seems even more beautiful, magnanimous and creative when seen through the eyes of arts and culture.

Globetrotting gives you a birds’ eye view of varied cultures, people, tastes, minds and forms of art which brings the world together in its purest form. There is no better feeling than experiencing a new culture, following a divine tradition, meeting new people who talk & behave differently and appreciating art which is uninhibited, creative & touches your heart.

My blog will give you an insight into creative pieces of art, what culture & tradition means to individuals and how it blends the world into one happy family. Watch out for some interesting pieces on art & culture from the eyes of creative minds, celebrities and achievers from various walks of life.

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