5 Lesser Known Long Weekend Getaways from Delhi/ NCR, India

“Happiness” is not the station you arrive at, but the journey you undertake to reach the same. Weekends are a bliss to serve your wandering spirit. One of the best things about living in Delhi, is that you are never short of places to see. The outskirts of the city has just everything to offer from nature, wildlife to unbelievable heritage.

Pangot in Uttaranchal, India

1. Pangot

Pangot is a small enchanting hill town that is located in Uttaranchal about Nainital district about 310 kms from New Delhi. Ideal destination for long weekend breaks. Pangot homes more than 580 species of birds, which means you will definitely spot some beautiful looking birds when in the area. The place is a haven for wildlife and nature admirers with flora & fauna that includes leopards, Himalayan martens, deer’s and Sāmbhar. The place witnesses snowfall between November and February. Great weather, picturesque landscapes and rustic charm brings tranquillity of mind. Photographer’s delight this place offers beauty that’s leaves an impression in hearts.Best time to visit summers (March-July) & winters (December-January).

Renuka Lake in Himachal, India
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Renuka Lake is an ideal weekend break away from hustle bustle of city life. It’s the largest natural lake In Himachal. The lake is situated in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh in India and is about 672 metres above sea level. It’s located at a distance of 37 kms from Nahan. It is about 315 kms from Delhi. One can reach via Chandigarh (250 kms ) or by Kalka (280kms) to Nahan. From Nahan one can take bus to Renuka.

Spread in amidst lush green forests of the Himalayas, the place around lake offers adventure sports like trekking and mountaineering to serve your adrenal rush. Families can enjoy boating & fishing offered by the official tourism department of Himachal Pradesh. One can explore Parshuram Tal & Renuka Temple popular spiritual abodes and a Mini Zoo for kids.

Fagu Hill Town in Shimla, India
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Another enchanting small hill town in Shimla. If you are looking for a majestic experience, than a small glimpse of the Himalayan will quench your thirst for sure. The place is made with stone walls, and offer lush green views.

It is a romantic and charming small town that makes it the ideal getaway spot for a weekend.

Tree House stay in Fagu -Shimla, India

Prismatic location in thick of forests and apple orchards on pass between two valleys.

Fagu has a kaleidoscope view to pristine valleys and ranges. Ideally recommended for Book writers, painters. It’s about 392 Kms from Delhi. Best time to visit October to December & February & April. Explore Tree House stay options.

Abhaneri – City of brightness, India
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4. Abhaneri – City of brightness

Originally known as Abha Nagri or City of Brightness. The place is situated in Dausa district of Rajasthan In India. It’s about 240 kms from Delhi and about 95 Kms from Jaipur the pink City of India.

Abha Nagri ( City of Brightness ) in Rajasthan, India

If you are someone who loves to explore culture and historical heritage then this is the place for you. The place is popular for the Chand Baori step well and Harshat Mata Temple.

Chand Boari Steps to Harvest Rain Water

The Chand Boari steps were structured by locals to harvest rain water. The tanks were used as cool places of retreat during dry times. This is the largest and deepest step wells in India. About 3500 narrow and steep steps over 13 storey’s.Built by King Chanda Abaneri during 8-9th Century A.D. The Harshat Mata temple is another masterpiece of craftsmanship and sculpture.

Narender Nagar in Tehri Gharwal, Uttrakhand
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5. Narender Nagar

A place situated in Tehri Gharwal district of Uttrakhand. Residing in between Gangotri & Yamnotri routes. About 262 kms from New Delhi and 16 kms from Rishikesh. The place is spread across a dense flora and majestic mountains. Nestled in the lap of nature the geography of the place offers beauty that can’t be described in words.

Yoga & Meditation in Narendra  Nagar, Uttrakhand
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Nature Walks in Narendra Nagar, Uttarakhand
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On can rejoice nature walks, hot sips of tea and royalty of body spas. The place is popular for spa treatments to rewind and rejuvenate your senses. When in Narender nagar don’t forget to visit Ananda Spa for sheer luxury of body healing.

One can indulge in body healing through yoga & meditation with various retreats offering these services.

Narender nagar is popular amongst Corporate off sites, Couples, Weekend getaways, Yoga & spa Treatments.


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