Healing Little Hearts – Every penny counts!

Little Gypsy's Fitness Regime

I love my sleep and who doesn’t but mommy says “Either you run the day or the day runs you”. It all depends on a positive thought and a daily 30 minutes fitness regime.

Well it all started with a fitness regime for me and dad as mom prefer doing her fitness programme at home with her trainer. She says I have my hands on plenty of things.

Little Gypsy and Her Dad Commit to Be Fit

So it was me and dad following “Commit to be fit” attitude for a healthy living.

It was one of those day when I and dad were out on road for street fitness fun when mom told me about Little Hearts Marathon by Wadia Hospitals. She shared how child obesity has placed the entire generation at a risk.

We sat amidst nature by the sea and discussed as a family importance of burning fat and keeping mind, body- soul fit and healthy. I am not much of junk food fan but understanding facts about products in market stating zero cholesterol, No trans-fat and the difference between healthy and junk food was quite an eye opener.

And also what happens to kids who don’t have access to healthy living and suffer from life threatening diseases.

Mom and dad then showed me few videos on their smartphones to explain what kind of diseases are a threat to us and how kids await treatment and suffer for lack of financial aid.

I had loads of questions in mind and most important one was quite scary one.

So how can we prevent such diseases and keep our body healthy?

Little Gypsy's Dad Giving Her 5 Beginner’s Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle.

Dad then gave me 5 beginner’s steps to a healthy lifestyle.

Little Gypsy Recommending 5 Steps to All kids for a Healthy Living

So here’s are the 5 steps that I recommend to all kids for a healthy living.

    1. 30-45 minutes of daily exercise -walking or playing any sport.
    2. Less or just 2 hours of screen time.
    3. Eat low fat dairy food.
    4. At least drink 5 glasses of water a day.
    5. Minimum 5 servings of Fruits & veggies a day.

A healthy body also needs a healthy mind and a healing heart so at some point in life we all should participate and give back to society.

So support noble causes like the one I am doing as I believe we can’t help everyone but we can help someone.

I felt good and energised thinking that my little heart can heal the other Little hearts if today I pledge in my life that I shall continue to work and contribute to noble causes like this as now I know that you get most important things in life by not taking but by giving.

Little Gypsy at Little hearts Marathon

Little hearts Marathon is organised annually by Wadia hospitals in association with Britannia, Go airlines , Bombay Dyeing as an initiative and a social cause drive in awareness of diseases caused by lack of fitness and healthy eating habits and most important for prevention of Cardiac diseases in children. This marathon will support holistically the cardiac care of the future assets of nation and support the cardiac surgery program in children.

The marathon aims to engage the community to participate in a healthy and fun event, which will help raise the much-needed funds for helping the cardiac surgeries at the Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children (BJWHC) and in return reduce the costs and waiting time for Cardiac surgeries in our community.

Little Hearts MarathonIt is great step towards reduction of neonatal mortality and infant mortality. Underify child mortality & improve the quality of life, which definitely reduce the burden of the family of this patients.

Little Gypsy With Kids Running at Marathon
Little hearts Marathon 2018 saw more than 25000 kids running to save little hearts. It was such a blissful feeling.

Little Gypsy Running with Her Mom in Marathon

Running with mom is always fun, though she keeps nagging me and I find that irritating but in end I realise it’s her way of pushing me to do better and reach out to higher goals.

Little Gypsy Running for Well-BeingI got hurt at the very onset of the race, probably I wasn’t expecting a huge rush coming my way but dad said nothing matters more than the cause you are running for and there I was catching up, running for my well-being and for those who were waiting to be healed again.

Little Gypsy Posing at Little Heart's Marathon Finish Line

I was glad I finished my 1 km. Wish Run in about 15 minutes it boosted my confidence and my body felt light and fresh.

Today, the unhealthy lifestyles that lead to cardiovascular disease often begin in childhood and adolescence, so that prevention of heart disease must begin there. The need of the hour is to promote healthy diets & physical activity amongst the new generation and provide a second chance to children who are already suffering from heart diseases.

With loads of gratitude I thank god for the life he has given me and my parents for teaching me lessons of life. It’s important to realise that Life’s wealth is health.

So do what it takes to stay healthy and lend a hope, a hand and a healing heart to less fortunate ones. Support a cause because only a BIG HEART can heal a LITTLE HEART!

For contributions and donations visit

(Click CONTRIBUTE and make a difference.)

 About Wadia Hospitals

The Wadia Hospitals comprise of two super-specialty hospitals viz. the Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children and Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, together both the hospitals provide world-class services for Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, making affordable healthcare accessible to people from every section of society.

Way back in 1928 understanding the need for a dedicated healthcare facility for Children, Sir Ness Wadia and Sir Cusrow Wadia visioned and established the first Paediatric hospital in India in memory of their mother Bai Jerbai Wadia.

With the largest Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the country and more than 28 specialty services, BJWHC extends its hands to provide universal healthcare for all the children affected with health problems and also make people aware of the same.

For more details visit www.wadiahospitals.org


Content edited by Saloni Kilam Rampal



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