5 Flavoursome Meat Balls Recipes from Around the World

9th March is largely known as the National Meatballs Day.

Meat Balls invariably are found throughout the world in almost every regional cuisine. Peep into past and you can find culinary manuscripts talking about how Meat balls have evolved with time and culture it has encountered.

Baked Meat Balls, Turkey

Baked Meat Balls Recipe from Turkey

In Turkey, dish named Kofte has loads of versions to savour.

Lion’s Head Meat Balls, China

Lion’s Head Meat Balls Recipe from China

In China, there are logs that mention date way back to 221 BC on Meat balls. One such Dish is Lion’s Head consisting of big pork meat balls topped up with cabbage shreds laced up with ginger, soy sauce, cooked in chicken broth.

Bakso Meat Balls, Indonesia

Bakso Recipe From Indonesia

Indonesia’s National Street Food, Bakso is a savoury soup with meatballs and veggies. One can typically try them with noodles too. The dish was a childhood favourite of President Obama, who spent several years in Indonesia.

Keftedes Meat Balls, Greece

Keftedes from Greece

Grilled beef meatballs are crispy, juicy, and delicious. Pair with pita bread, lemon, Onion, Baby tomatoes and tzatziki for a Grecian feast.

Tsukune Meat Balls, Japan

Tsukune Meat Balls Recipe from Japan

 Tsukune is exotic snack. Chicken meatballs moulded as dumplings or skewered like a kebab. The meat is either fried or baked and then topped with yakitori sauce and served with baked veggies.

Mutsch Gand ( Ground Meat balls ) – Kashmir, India

Mutsch Gand- Ground Meat balls –recipe from Kashmir, India

Talk about Indian Meat balls recipes, they are famous for their cooking variance based on Hindu to Muslim preparations.

Culture, region, recipe whatever be it, one can’t ignore the fact that Meat Balls are relished, fallen for by the people across the world.

Meat Balls are made by taking ground or minced meat mixed with spices, breadcrumbs, eggs and other ingredients. They are rolled to give a shape of ball before cooking. Cooking methods vary across different cultures.

Celebrating Meatballs Day

 Meat ball day like any other culinary day is celebrated by cooking the dish to be enjoyed with family & friends. It is like thanksgiving to the food that nourishes us and keeps us happy. One can cook or pick up any nation’s recipe to suit one’s taste buds. Or one can even try & be adventurous to try two different recipes.

 Meatballs can be an appetizer, a side dish or bigwig of the meal. One can feast on to variety of Meatball recipes by calling friends/family over and letting them get their own Meat ball dish. It really doesn’t matter whether you are a cook or not as long as the recipes you follow or create celebrate the joy of having meat balls.

 So what’s your favourite way to enjoy Meat Balls? Are you having them with Rice, On a Pizza or on a Sandwich?  Do you still stick to conventional recipes or you believe in fusion.

 This is the time to ritualize a big feed. An entire day wild about meat ball goodness.

Do share your recipes and pictures for we will love to feature them up on our pages.

Just #Meatballday and send us on info@gypsyescapade.com

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